Performance Enhancement

The Mobility Fit Method allows our clients to move past injury deficits to actual performance improvement. Through participation in the program, our clients are optimally positioned to excel in their chosen sports or activity. We don’t settle for just a decrease in pain; we want you to be back in the game better than ever!


“Drew does miracle work! In 3 weeks I have noticed a dramatic change in mobility throughout my entire body. The irritating pains in my back that I have had for the last three seasons is completely gone. Drew is an extremely hard working and intelligent man that wants to help athletes of all levels. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to take their training or game to the next level.”

- Danny Rosenbaum, Washington Nationals AAA Pitcher


We’re experienced in helping athletes in a variety of sports, here are a few examples:

CrossFit Football Soccer
Volleyball Basketball Wrestling
Lacrosse/Field Hockey Track & Field Ice Hockey
Baseball/Softball Swimming Gymnastics