Performance-Based Injury Rehabilitation

Our Team can diagnose a client’s symptoms and develop an innovative, high-level program that addresses the specific issues in an incredibly effective manner. Whether an orthopedic injury or a  pre/post-surgical treatment, Mobility Fit takes a holistic and functional approach to client care – improving range of motion, soft tissue movement, strength, balance/coordination, incorporating return to sport/activity movements. Mobility Fit clients know to arrive for their therapy ready to work hard and be challenged every step of the way!


“After competing at the Central East Regionals for my 4th year in a row, I had some lingering shoulder pain and found I had a small tear in my labrum. My orthopedic doctor urged that I try physical therapy first, and surgery as a last resort. I spent one frustrating month doing conventional physical therapy, and saw very little improvement. I was starting to fear that I’d need surgery when a friend recommended I see Dr. Drew.  After my first visit, I knew I was in the right hands. Dr. Drew is so attentive to detail and very hands on. He’s constantly coming up with new exercises and stretches, so that he can find ones that work the best. In a single visit, he resolved some Achilles tendonitis that was nagging me for months. And he’s fixing the root my shoulder problem, by correcting my posture first and then directly applying these principles to movements that I need to do to compete. Dr. Drew is teaching me how to move so much better, which is key to my shoulder rehab progress. Additionally, I know I have learned from him will help prevent injuries in the future. All in all, I’ve had a great experience at Mobility Fit and I highly recommend their physical therapy services!”

-Brittany Kopp, Four-time Central East Regional Competitor, Box owner

Pre/Post Surgical 

The ability to bounce back from surgery is not just dependent on an effective surgical procedure, but highly determined by the physical therapy programming. “Too often we have clients who come to us months after their surgery and after a less than ideal PT experience elsewhere – still lacking motion, still in pain, and unable to perform at their max potential. Often in conventional physical therapy programs, therapists are expected to manage several people at one time who are at different levels of recovery or exhibiting different symptoms. With those restrictions, it is very difficult to provide the kind of personal attention necessary for complete recovery and effective return to sport or activity,” says Drew. If unresolved, those range of motion deficiencies, muscular stabilizer imbalances, and other issues can prevent a client from achieving their goals.

“In October I found out I was going to have my knee and part of my femur bone replaced with a prosthesis because of a malignant tumor. One of my first thoughts when contemplating how the next several months was going to unfold was, “where am I going to find a PT who participates in or at least understands CrossFit?” After a few months at a corporate physical therapy office I was connected to Dr. Drew Cook and finally found what I was looking for. Drew understands my goals as a CrossFit athlete. He worked with me and only me during our sessions and I immediately saw improvements that I was not seeing with the corporate therapist. We used CrossFit movements for rehabilitation and as we became good friends even processed some of the emotional stuff that were a consequence of my surgery. I recommend everyone I know who has a mobility issue or an injury because I know from experience that he will take the time to get to know you and work relentlessly until you are better.”

-David Brodsky, CrossFit Level 1 coach, Operational Director CrossFit Cornerstone


Orthopedic Injury 

“Do not let pain keep you from performing at your best. Our holistic approach to rehabilitation will address soft tissue restrictions, poor mobility, strength imbalances, weak stabilizers, AND incorrect movement patterns while preparing you to return to your favourite activities.