How Does It Work?

The FMA Program is designed to give you the tools and the plan to address and manage necessary maintenance on your body. Your body is a machine – and just like any machine, you have to perform regular maintenance in order for it to run efficiently and avoid costly breakdown.

A 6-month or 1-year subscription to this program will include:
+Initial Functional Movement Analysis with Dr. Cook to identify mobility issues and movement dysfunctions
+Individualized mobility programming & instructional videos for each exercise to complete on your own
+Quarterly or Bi-Monthly re-assessments with Dr. Cook to continue progressing you forward

Is This Program For Me?

Answer the following questions to see if this program is for you.
1. Is your personal health & fitness a priority in your life?
2. Do you notice difficulty/restriction while performing certain movements in the gym or in your day-to-day life?
3. Are you very physically active – constantly participating in challenging work-outs that leave you sore and beat up?
4. Do you wish to significantly decrease your risk of major orthopedic surgery in your future?
5. Do you desire a better quality of life?


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