How We Are Different

Mobility Fit offers a cutting-edge approach to Physical Therapy. Anyone at any age or activity level, who is challenged with an injury, or needs post-surgical treatment can greatly benefit from Mobility Fit Physical Therapy. The Mobility Fit Method has proven very effective with active and driven individuals – ranging from the professional athlete, high school athlete, weekend warrior, all the way to a client who wishes to return to their daily walking program! If you have a goal in mind, and you are motivated to achieve it, you will have great success with our program. Our team will develop a rehab plan that will smoothly integrate with your performance goals.

Decreasing pain and increasing performance are our chief concerns, and at Mobility Fit our clients can expect:

  • One-on-one treatment sessions with your Physical Therapist
  • Individualized rehab programming
  • Sports Performance-based rehabilitation
  • No sharing your PT’s time with several other clients at once
  • No passing you off to an assistant or aide
  • Additional homework for building strength, flexibility, and joint stability specific to your needs and goals
  • Manually trained Physical Therapists – we utilize specialized, hands-on skills to address joints and soft tissue dysfunctions to restore normal movement


“Drew was amazing throughout the CrossFit Games. He had a wealth of knowledge that made me feel at ease and he listened to my needs and concerns as he treated me during the most important competition of my life. Drew definitely knows how to take care of athletes and he does so with a smile on his face.”

-Shelia Barden, 2014 CrossFit Games competitor and LA Reign professional athlete



Welcome to Performance-Based Physical Therapy

The Mobility Fit Method bridges the gap between injury rehabilitation and human performance. At Mobility Fit, we don’t chase pain—we locate the root problem causing the dysfunction and pain, and we correct it. Then we correct mobility, stability, and strength problems. Employing equipment generally associated with weightlifting, Olympic lifting, and power-lifting like pull-up bars, barbells, and free weights, our team facilitates amazing recovery with our clients.

We know your sport, activity, workout, or hobby and we develop a rehabilitation plan that smoothly integrates with your performance goals. The Mobility Fit motto comes to life as clients experience first-hand what it means to Treat. Prevent. Conquer.


“After dealing with a shoulder impingement for many years, and having other unsuccessful treatments, Mobility Fit PT was able to increase my range of motion, reduce pain, and improve functionality by using a unique therapy plan. I wish Mobility Fit PT was available years ago.”

-Mike Thomas, Adult Recreational CrossFit athlete and endurance athlete